Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dodged a very big bullet


That swirling mess off the Washington coast is a very big low that is sucking in winds from all the way across to the Great Lakes.  I was unaware of it when I left Regina yesterday at 7:00 AM but I quickly became acquainted with it as I approached Calgary.

My original intent was to stop for a visit in Airdrie but it was obvious that could turn from a one night visit to being storm stayed for several days.  So I put the hammer down and headed west into the mountains.  I can’t remember ever having a better winter trip through the Rockies.


The snowsheds in Roger’s Pass are almost always wet.  I can’t remember ever going through them – summer or winter – when the road wasn’t wet, but yesterday it was dry.  The only snowy pavement I saw on the whole trip was in the Coquihalla.  There were wet stretches from rain – its BC after all but very little snow.  I understand all that changed in the Calgary and Calgary-east areas today.  But it didn’t matter to me because I got as far as Revelstoke last night and I had supper on the boat tonight.


I assume I’ve seen the last of the sunshine until I go back to the prairies.  I’ve been explaining to some of the locals how there is this big blue dome over the earth that stretches from horizon to horizon but most of them don’t believe me because the sky is grey as far as they are concerned.  You can’t really blame them – it must be very hard for them to imagine anything different although I did encounter one fellow tonight who said he had heard about the blue sky, he just had never actually seen it himself.

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