Friday, October 5, 2012


I can’t claim to have invented that word but it still describes me.  I just love my Galaxy SIII.  I finding that there are times when I prefer to access the internet on it over using the computer.  Not always by any means but there are definitely times when it was easier.


And talk about apps!  There’s an app for everything.  I’ve got an eBay app, an Auction Sniper app, a Trawler Forum app, a Riderville app, a weather app, some navigation apps – marine & terrestrial, various shopping apps (which I haven’t tried out yet) and many many more.  It seems like every time I access a website it prompts me to download its particular app.  And with something like 40 gig of memory to work with, as long as the app is free, I don’t even hesitate.  So far I have paid the grand total of zero dollars and zero cents for the apps I have downloaded.  I honestly don’t understand the revenue model but from my standpoint I figure to grab as many as I may ever need while they are free.  I even went so far as to change trading platforms on my computer just so that I could use the trading app (which I doubt I will ever actually use to trade but it will be handy to check fast moving stocks during the day). 

Today has been an expensive, largely futile day.  The car had a large bullseye just below and to the left of eye level when we bought it.  I had been waiting for an opportunity to get the glass changed and today was the day so that meant an early morning trip into town with SWMBO to drop the car off and bring the truck back home.  Yesterday I ran out of propane just as I was finishing up making breakfast but I had too many things booked for the day to take the time to drive into town for propane.  So when I got back this morning I disconnected everything and headed into town for propane.  Which turned into fuel plus propane.  We weren’t out of fuel but we’re starting to use the diesel furnace at night so it made sense to top off the diesel tank.  So at the end of the day I have made several trips in and out of Regina, spent a shit load of money and don’t really have anything to show for it.

Tomorrow I think we’ll run out to Buchanan to close the house up for the winter.  We’re not going to move the bus there for a couple more weeks but its getting cold enough at night that we’re starting to worry about things freezing.  I’ll probably also fire up the Cubevan and move it over closer to an electric plug.  The guy that gave me a deposit on it back in May or June still hasn’t showed up to complete the deal.  At the time we made the deal I had him write in a drop dead date on the contract.  He wrote in Dec. 31, all the while assuring me that it would never possibly take him that long to come up with the rest of the money.  The clock is ticking.  He did call me about a month ago to assure me that he still intended to complete the sale and I hope he does because it will be a PITA to start all over again next spring selling it.  I will have his deposit to ease the pain but the truck will also be one year older. 

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