Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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There won't be much substance to this post - it's more in the nature of research than literature.  Yesterday I tried uploading a post from the middle of Georgia Strait and it didn't go well.  If you are reading this then today must be better.

Mainly I got rained on today. I did get about half of the winter covers off and hung them to dry inside.  Tomorrow I'll be able to remove the balance of the covers.  I made an appointment with Terry-the-diver and I filled up with fresh water.  I had a water leak on a hot hose in the middle of the night so fixing that was a high priority this morning.  We have some rare precursor to Pex for a lot of our plumbing so finding parts is always an adventure.  I wish sales clerks understood that when I ask "do you recognize this fitting?" I don't mean "let's go look at the shelf I just looked at only this time we'll do it together".  I'm not very patient with stupidity.

The idiot cat is very happy to be back onboard.

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