Sunday, April 7, 2013

Isn’t that cute …………..

……… it looks almost exactly like an anchor.


I caught hell in the Bay a while ago because my anchor was too big and too dirty.  For a few days we travelled with seaweed hanging off it this week.  I don’t mind either of those circumstances – we actually use our anchor.  And I sleep soundly at night while we are anchored. 

I do get a lot of entertainment while walking the various docks where we tie up.  Some of the jewellery that hangs on the bow of boats would be more suited to a schoolgirl’s charm bracelet. 


This big bubble boat is a perfect example.  Those rinky-dink CQR's would be more suited to our boat.  Right next to it is a gorgeous Selene 58 with a couple of very serious Deltas hanging on its bow.  You can usually separate the cocktail cruisers from the travellers by their ground tackle.

We’re tied up at the yacht club for another night after spending close to a week with some friends.  That took us to Ganges Harbour on Saltspring Island and then to Genoa Bay which is actually within sight of our moorage at Cow Bay.  Despite that proximity we have never been into Genoa Bay so it was fun to see what we have close to home. 


One of the things we have close to home is the little collection of hippies living on this floating city in the back of Genoa Bay.  I didn’t think it would be polite to cruise right up for a close look and photo opps but I sure wanted to.  I suspect we could purchase several illicit substances without much difficulty. 

We’ve got another week out here before we need to head back into the deepfreeze.  For those of you currently on the prairies – TURN UP THE DAMN HEAT.  And turn it up NOW.  Once we get back we’ve got a couple of weeks of work to do but then I think we can come back out here and likely stay well into early summer, perhaps even into mid-July.

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