Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh dear

I’ve heard people that claim to have seen this but I think this is the first time I have actually seen an awning out in a Wallyworld parking lot.  If this is your rig SHAME ON YOU.


Walmart is kind enough to welcome overnight parking in most of their parking lots.  A big part of the reason we like shopping at Walmart is precisely because they welcome us in their parking lots but shopping at Walmart is no excuse for freeloading like this picture demonstrates.  Bums like this reflect badly on everyone who takes advantage of Walmart’s generosity.  And eventually they cause the neighbourhood to enact zoning that prevents Walmart from allowing overnight parking.

Meanwhile on another matter ……….

I’m sick and tired of hearing what a stellar job the Boston police did in the aftermath of the Russkie bombing at the marathon.  Give me a break already.

The two klutzski brothers ran into each other with stolen vehicles and thereby initially attracted the attention of the cops.  Then one brother ran over the other one which I assume at least indirectly lead to his early demise.  Perhaps some cop also managed to randomly wound him but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Then they launched a massive manhunt which drew in every cop and rent-a-cop for miles around and likely led to a crime free zone for all in the rest of the community.  After pissing away a day looking next door to where the wounded dude was hiding under the boat tarp they finally announced that the curfew was raised.  What wasn’t explicitly stated but should be obvious was that they hadn’t a single clue about where this bleeding Russkie was so they figured everyone might as well get on with their life.  Then the boat owner walked out, noticed that his boat tarp had blood on it and called the cops.  With that kind of a lead it should come as no surprise to anyone that even cops could solve the crime but wait ……….

Today they told us that even after the volley of shots that we heard broadcast which we hope were broadcast in the general direction of the boat, the near fatal shot was self-inflicted.  So when Vic Toews goes on CBC to blather about the wonderful police work in Boston it’s all I can do to refrain from puking.

Especially so since he should be praising the RCMP who actually did some stellar police work which just happened to conclude at roughly the same time.

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