Saturday, April 27, 2013

Snowed in ---- again

We’ve been everywhere man.

We left the boat on a Sunday afternoon – 2 weeks ago tomorrow I think.  We took our time coming back to Saskatoon, arriving in time to run a focus group there last weekend.  The focus group consisted of 10 seventh grade teachers.  We were asking them questions in support of a project that Marilyn has landed for Ag in the Classroom.  Ag in the Classroom is a non-profit organization that works to create curriculum resources for grade schools all across North America.  Marilyn’s project is to develop material that integrates with the Grade 7 Social Studies curriculum with a general theme of Saskatchewan’s role in global food security.

After our focus group we hung around Saskatoon until last Tuesday when we ran another focus group with a bunch of industry AITC supporters.  After that we split up – I went to Regina and then to Buchanan – Marilyn went to Prince Albert via Regina.  Yesterday we finally connected again at our snowed in bus in Buchanan.

Snowy Bus trimmed

Today I got a path cleared so we can leave the car in the garage and then got the car into the garage.  We also got all the stuff from Marilyn’s house sitting gig unloaded from the truck and some of the stuff that is going back to the boat reloaded.  Tomorrow or Monday we’ll head west again.  We have to stop in Saskatoon for a meeting and to pick up the damncat.  Then if we drive like fools we can likely be back on the boat by Wednesday at the latest, maybe Tuesday night if we’re lucky.  I won’t miss this snow and cold weather one little bit.

Big Icicle

Just in the interest of complete transparency, I didn’t take these pictures and they aren’t current.  Michael took them over the course of the winter.  Things look a little better right now but not as much better as they should look at this time of year.  And in fairness to Saskatchewan, it has started to warm up.  Despite the snow covering the yard, today is actually shirtsleeve weather. 

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