Friday, April 12, 2013

That’s a very long dong

……… I’m sorry ….. I know I shouldn’t have but I just couldn’t resist.



Some names just don’t translate all that well.

We came home from Tod Inlet in the rain and fog today.  Along the way we stopped for a visit with our blind dockmate Currie who was anchored in Mill Bay to catch some prawns.  Fortunately he had a seeing-eye Bo onboard or he would likely not have known who we were.  I blew the horn at him as soon as I recognized The Mermaid and I saw him call Bo up from below decks to identify who was honking at them. 

On the way out of Brentwood Bay we “admired” some of the floating derelicts.  They’re getting to be a major problem down there.  No matter what one of my other neighbours says, a derelict is a derelict. 






Its really quite remarkable that some of them stay more or less on top of the water.  We had one tug in The Bay last winter that appeared to be awash and in the process of sinking but on closer investigation was actually so full of  foam that it couldn’t sink.  I suppose that might be a preservation technique – buy the local Walmart out of cans of expanding foam and fill your hull.  The downside would be less space to store provisions but at least your boat would float, mas o menos. 

Tomorrow we have to start buttoning Gray Hawk up so we can go back to the deep freeze for a few weeks.  The forecast is crap for the weekend but on Sunday there is a high supposed to form off Juan de Fuca and move inland.  With a bit of luck it will follow us east across the mountains.  Today would be a really bad day to be up on the top of the Coquihalla and an even worse day to be on the Okanagan Connector.

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