Thursday, October 11, 2007

October in Regina

We agreed yesterday that October in Regina is a bad combination. It will be a few years before we can organize our lives so that we don't have to spend October in Saskatchewan at all but it is definitely a goal worth pursuing.

Father's condition seems to have stabilized but at a much lower level than he was at as recently as a month ago. We stopped in here at the start of the Mexican connection visit to Banff. The first night we were here father took Carlos-Juan and I downstairs in search of their humidifier. He used his walker but he was quite mobile and pretty animated. Now he struggles to get around in his wheelchair. And that is in the space of 2-1/2 weeks. Its a good thing none of us know what the future brings - the good or the bad would be more than we could handle if we knew it was coming.

We will leave here Saturday in the early afternoon. I have a CFBAS client to meet with at Naicam. We'll probably spend Sat. night somewhere in or around Naicam because that meeting will likely go late. Then we'll go the rest of the way home. Its probably time to put the bus away for the winter. I have some work that I need to get done on it - new air bags for sure - but I think its time to do the winterizing thing. Its next big trip will be destination Mexico.

The satellite connection has worked really well. I'm glad we had a chance to test it while it was still easy to phone support but I have only had to do that twice and the 2nd time I shouldn't have phoned. I've got a cable that intermittently gives problems. I think it just has the centre core cut a little too short on one end so that if it isn't tightened up absolutely tight then it doesn't make connections. We have to do something with the LNB for the TV signal too. It uses the same dish but it is offset because it is trying to bounce off the dish to a different satellite. I think that is likely a bit of a bodge that will require some fine tuning at each setup to make sure we have a good signal. Right now I don't have any convenient way to adjust the bracket. In fact the bracket is held on with two bungie cords and a large piece of cardboard in order to get the right angle now. Its probably lost the cardboard in the rain today. That will have to be improved but it isn't really a high priority.

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