Thursday, October 4, 2007

P.A. Again

We're going round in circles - back in P.A. for a couple of days so Marilyn can have some meetings & so I can get the boat home & winterized. We came up from Saskatoon through Wakaw & there is a lot of crop still out once you get north of Wakaw. There were a few combines going today but not much dust flying so it must still be pretty tough.

Tomorrow I'm going to take Karla back to Nipawin and put the boat away for the winter. We had it in the water at Medicine Hat. Karla and Marlan were brave enough to go into 48 degree water but I was not. I like to change the oil in the fall, run some antifreeze through the block and put fuel stabilizer in it before I tuck it away for the winter so I will get that done tomorrow. Once I get back here Marilyn & I are going to move to Buffalo Lookout east of Regina for a week or so.

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