Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A well written throne speech

I watched Michaele read the throne speech last night with a couple of thoughts running through my mind. First I had to acknowledge that I was wrong about this GG. When Martin appointed her I thought he was pandering to the feminist and immigrant communities. He probably was but, in spite of himself, he appointed someone who has acquitted herself admirably well. She holds office in an anachronism, she shouldn't be there at all and she appears smart enough to know that. And she may look better than she really is by virtue of being compared most immediately to the abject failure that preceded her. Despite all those qualifications I believe she is doing us proud as Canadians - if we must have a GG then Michaele Jean embodies the qualities that the GG should have.

Harper, despite being painted early as an idealogue who would never compromise, wouldn't be able to restrain his rogue members, would be too rigid to survive in a minority, etc., etc, has confounded them all. Here he is, well into his second year of a minority government with his official opposition in complete disarry, implementing his common sense agenda in a fair and remarkably flexible manner. He just replied to Jack Layton in the house. Layton was quivering in Diefenbakkian rage to emphasize how the NDP could NEVER support this budget because it ignored so and so and so and so ad nauseum. When he finally wound down Harper stood up and simply said "If the NDP hadn't announced two weeks ago that they would oppose the throne speech then they might have actually listened to it and decided to support it."

Our country is in good hands for a change.

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