Saturday, December 12, 2009

Faggoty fags & wet weather

Its been raining more or less non-stop since we arrived here. Some days it rains harder than other and some days it clears off for a while, like it did today, but generally it has been raining since we arrived a week ago.

Last night we were invited to a Christmas party at Marilyn's cousin's place so we drove into San Jose in the evening. It was a pretty major house party but it started about the time we normally think about going to bed. That is one of the features of living on bus time - we often find that the local residents are out of step with us with respect to time. We had as good a visit as could be expected with 40 other houseguests taking up Fern & Larry's time and we will likely connect with them again in the next couple of days.

This morning we had plotted a course to take us to Pier 39. The only place I have found in North America that sells Aegean caps in size 7-3/4 is Pier 39. That is a bit inconvenient but they are such good caps that it is worth making a few sacrifices to get back there to buy some. They didn't have any in grey this year but I got a navy blue one and a black one so I'm good for a couple of years again.

The skies cleared briefly while we were downtown and we had remembered to take our umbrellas so we had a great trip. We rode public transit from downtown San Jose so as to avoid all the traffic and parking hassles. We had planned to take the bus from Morgan Hill into San Jose but it didn't seem to be running this morning. We may just have missed it but San Jose is pretty close so we just drove in there and caught the bus.

I should have taken more pictures of the old trolleys that they run along the waterfront but I did catch this one as it arrived to pick us up. As near as I can tell they have collected them from various heritage trolley systems in different cities around the world. I assume that the only heritage part of the trolley is the shell and even that was pretty heavily modified but its still a pretty cute idea.

Riding public transit is educational no matter where you do it. During commuter hours the travelling public is pretty conventional but after hours and on the weekends is when the real colour appears on public transit and San Francisco definitely has some local colour.

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