Sunday, December 27, 2009

Locking the barn door ……..

…… after the horse is over the hill, through the next county and generally long long gone. 

So some Nigerian goes through what passes for security in that god forsaken country.  “Hey mon – where ya goin’?”  “Uh …… London!”  “Got any bombs man?”  “Uh …… no.”  “OK – that’ll be 10 bucks”  This is a country that could give a Quebec Liberal lessons in corruption yet we let them screen passengers to sit beside us on international flights. 

And how does North American airline “security” respond?  “Let’s further harass all the travelling public!”  “Oh that’s a great idea – we could start patting down the cute chicks”  “Awesome – and let’s make up some new crap – like – I dunno – maybe we don’t let anybody go to the can for the last hour of a flight?” “Naw – they’d never be stupid enough to go for that - - would they?”

Yeah, they would. 

Long before Sept 11 we were subject to pseudo-security.  That’s security in name only designed to make the stupid feel secure but most importantly designed to build little bureaucratic empires filled with the otherwise unemployable.  Take a good look around at airport so-called security the next time you travel.  How many of those fools would you hire, even to clean your bathroom floor?  Be honest. 

If we believe in evolution we have to understand and accept that some species don’t survive.  Homo sapiens may be one of the evolutionary failures.  We may be too stupid to survive.

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