Sunday, December 13, 2009

Geriatric surfers and other weirdness

You don't usually think of surfers as old guys. At least I didn't. And I guess to be perfectly fair, geriatric is a slight exageration. But most of these guys were older than me so they weren't kids either. We stopped for lunch on the way down the coast - can't remember whether it was southern Oregon or northern California but it was real pretty whichever it was. It was kind of a dull wet day but these guys were out enjoying the surf nevertheless. They don't really "do" much. Mostly it seemed like they hung out sitting on their surfboards and visiting, just outside where the waves were breaking but maybe that's not a bad way to spend a day either, specially when you have a view like this.

Today the turkeys came around again. They came again a few nights ago but by the time I got their attention it had started raining and then lost interest in my turkey calls. I downloaded a couple of turkey calls and managed to figure out how to pipe them through the speakers on the radio. When I turned the radio up and opened the driver's ticket window I managed to get their attention. There's a lot more somewhere - the flock that was around the other night was at least 30 but today there was only about 6 of them.

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