Thursday, December 31, 2009

Organic vegetarian pot stickers

I think I mentioned our organic site mate while we were in Morgan Hill.  She showed up one night after dark in the rain and set up a tent in the site next to us.  We both felt sorry for her but not sorry enough to invite her in.  When we eventually met we learned that she actually likes to tent and that her tent was some kind of super-dooper tent compound that stays dry.  Yeah, right – I can imagine how dry it stays.  We also learned that she had a perfectly good trailer, here in Rancho Oso as it turned out, but she had chosen to live there in the rain at Morgan Hill in a tent.

We met at Morgan Hill while I was repairing the TV dish after it blew over and broke during a wind storm.  She asked if I knew anything about satellite dishes and (foolishly) I allowed that I did.  As it turned out she has an internet dish that she had set up here in Rancho Oso but she has recently changed sites and she needed to get her dish re-aimed.  It turned out she was expecting delivery of a new Airstream trailer which had occasioned the move and subsequent re-aiming of her dish.

Today while I was reassembling the generator compartment after replacing the isolation mounts that I have been hauling around since Saskatoon T.K. came up and asked if I was from Canada.  Apparently the reason she hadn’t come around earlier was because she didn’t recognize the bus on her daily dog walks.  Once we had clearly established my nationality she smoothly segued into me setting up her satellite dish.  Since we are leaving tomorrow morning that left this afternoon for setting up her dish.


Fortunately we downloaded and ran it as shareware so when it didn’t work at least we weren’t out anything other than our time.


It was no problem to set up the dish using my computer but I failed in my goal to have her learn how to do it herself with her own computer.  I can’t take all the blame for the failure though because a large part of it – OK – all of it - belongs to her decision to be a Mac owner.  I’m sure that Macs do wonderful things but let’s face it – Macs are angle parkers in a parallel parking universe.  They don’t work particularly well, they don’t fit in and nobody cares.  So when it came time to find her the ubiquitous software that I use to set up my dish – well let’s just say that the Mac versions aren’t ubiquitous.  I did manage to find 2 pieces of software that should have been adequate to the task but one of them flat out wouldn’t run on her computer and the other one only had about half the functionality that it’s Windows counterpart, which I use regularly, has. 

Eventually I conceded defeat, aimed her dish with my computer and left her to ponder what she will do the next time she has to move.  I’m sure that buried somewhere in her trailer is the software that her vendor supplied her with when she bought the system but locating that today seemed to be out of the question.  And frankly it’s not my problem.

It is in fact Tom Mason’s problem.  Tom is the guy who showed up at our bus last year in Arcadia with a bottle of Pinch.  Mel & I detained him until his Pinch was gone and then cruelly released him back to Fran’s tender care.  It appeared afterward that Tom may have suffered for his decision to spend the night with the boys without first telling Fran what his plans were but Mel and I had a great evening.  We may have in some small way contributed to his difficulty by our response when Fran attempted to phone Tom to determine where the hell he was spending his evening.  As it turns out Tom actually sold the system to T.K. so I had an excuse to phone Tom this afternoon.  They’re back in Arcadia but I’m sure it’s not nearly as much fun without Mel & me.

Back to the potstickers.  T.K. was inordinately grateful for my assistance and expressed her gratitude by giving us a bottle of champagne and a bag of granola cruncher potstickers.  We had potstickers at Fern’s Christmas party and we have been meaning to buy some ever since.  I don’t think we’ll buy the vegetarian kind and I can flat out guarandamntee that we won’t be buying the organic variety – although they were very good - but we definitely will buy some.  We had already planned to have appies for New Year’s so the potstickers fit right in and the champagne capped the evening off. 

Tomorrow we’ve got a big 40 mile move down the coast to a beach location just north of Ventura.  We’ll get a hit of going to sleep to the sounds of the surf and then move on to Quartzsite.

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