Saturday, December 26, 2009

More technology


Site #69, Rancho Oso Thousand Trails

One of my readers mentioned using something called Windows Live Writer to write weblog posts.  Being a confirmed techno-addict there was no way I could resist figuring out how that works.  And I think maybe it works pretty damn good.  I won’t know whether all this is working until they are published but right now they look better than I could have done without the technology.


I’m still struggling to find a way to easily caption the photos I use here.  So far all I have figured out is to put them inside a table and use a row in the table as a caption.  That seems pretty clunky but its all I have been able to figure out.  For all the WYSIWYG wonders of editing software, getting things to display properly on the web is still pretty hit and miss.  At least for amateurs like me it is.

This park will definitely turn into one of our favourites.  The scenery is gorgeous and its really quiet.  Even now when its running close to capacity its still very quiet and relaxed.  More importantly, everything seems to work.  We have discovered that working facilities are noteworthy in the Thousand Trails system.  More so in some parks than others.  Last night we sat in the (working) hot tub and dissed the park at Morgan Hill with some San Jose residents who know the park well.  Apparently it is such a popular park (because of its location close to the bay) that it fills up despite the fact that about 20% of the sites have dysfunctional power and the sewer dump is routinely out of order.    We’ll probably go back there because its so handy to visit San Francisco and Fern but we sure won’t spend any more time there than we need to. 


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Have you tried Picasa? You can put captions, borders, lighten, crop, etc., and edit the photos all in one place.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Jorgito's dad said...

I use Picasa but (as far as I know anyway) it won't let me caption photos within the weblog.