Thursday, December 17, 2009

I just by god love it

I realize that the global warming apologists will argue that one or two data points don't make a trend, and rightly so. But you just have to love what the weather man is serving up for the attendees in Copenhagen.

I had an email from my brother-in-law last week wherein he argued that editorials are not journalism. To that I would counter that all journalism is coloured by an editorial opinion. Journalists would like to have us believe that they are objective, without bias, pure as the driven snow that the warming apologists tell us is no longer falling. Well folks it ain't so. We all wake up with opinions and some of us are more willing than others to share those opinions. Journalists by their very nature want to see their thoughts publicly exhibited and that includes their opinions about the world around them. Some of them are more successful than others at acknowledging different opinions from their own but the whole works of them have a bias.

In general human beings like to be well thought of by their peers. The combination of wanting to have your views visible to the world and wanting peer approval is a dangerous situation when it comes to journalism. It leads to a herd mentality. Right now everybody "knows" that global warming is real. Just like everybody used to "know" that we would run out of oil by 2000 and just like we used to "know" that an ice age was approaching.

The reality is that we don't "know" any such thing which is why it makes me really happy to think of all those earnest protesters in Copenhagen shivering in the (unseasonably) wintery weather. I hope they all forgot to bring their parkas and toques.

And it seems I'm not the only global warming sceptic around. Its great to see that some of the worst liars on the planet are finally getting a taste of their own medicine. The photo comes courtesy of CFACT - you can read more about them here.

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