Monday, December 28, 2009

A philosophical question involving balls

I can’t claim credit for thinking of this – SWMBO came up with most of it.  If you blow up an airplane and in the process light your knackers on fire, does that all get fixed when you get to wherever it is TodaysCartoons your whacked out mind thinks you are going?  After all, what good are 93 vestal virgins (or 87 or 803 or 2 for that matter) if your knackers go up in smoke in the process of getting there?  Once again we have a member of the non-violent religion trying to blow up a plane.

The only consolation in all of this is knowing that the shmuck in question must be in absolute anguish right now.  Maybe it will be enough to cause him to ask some questions about the brainwashing he received.  He lit his groin on fire – its hard to even imagine how much pain he must be in.  My guess is that the guys who want to question him won’t be real generous with the pain medication either.

The real tragedy is that the imams who brainwashed the poor fool won’t have their own crotches lit on fire.  And that the rest of us will have to live with ever increasing levels of non-security as our gummits pretend to deal with the problem.  Nobody needed to invent airline security after 9-11.  One phone call to Tel Aviv would have been sufficient.  But then we’d have been into all that messy profiling and would have had to accept that not all the travelling public is equally dangerous and we couldn’t go there could we.  As a species we’re too stupid to survive.

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