Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its cold here this morning

Morgan Hill Thousand Trails Preserve

Well maybe not real cold but cold nevertheless. There's a clear blue sky overhead and I'm sure it will continue to warm up as the sun gets a little higher. It was -1.2 when I got up and the water hose must be frozen up but it is up to -0.5 now so we're having a little heat wave.

It must be the morning for black idiots in suits on TV. First we had some lying SOB from Copenhagen weasling on about how it might not actually be getting warmer this year but overall he was convinced that it was going to get warmer and it was all the fault of us rich nations. Hearing that from a resident of the most corrupt continent on the planet didn't fill me with confidence. Now we've got another black man in a suit telling us how he has single-handedly rescued the world from the brink of destruction. The chosen one is in trouble down here. I think his approval rating is actually worse than GWB ever got to and he's only a year into his reign. I'll bet the Dems are thinking that Billary looked pretty good now.

Right now I'm reading "Krakatoa - The day the world exploded" by Simon Winchester. Its a fascinating blend of history and evolutionary science that combines the story of the exploding island with continental drift and the life stories of people like the man who inspired Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace. It really is a remarkable world that we live in and our feeble understanding of what happens around us is not much better than that of our primitive ancestors who attributed everything they didn't understand to some God or another. The current obsession with blaming mankind for every "bad" thing that happens to the planet is no less ridiculous than our great x 43 grandfather blaming his cold on his wife's impure thoughts and thinking that killing his goat would cure it.

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